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Good to Great: Become the Property Manager of Your Tenant's Dreams

You're a pretty good property manager. But could you be even better? Chances are good, there's always room for improvement. While it might be easier to accept the status quo as "good enough," it pays to constantly be working towards bettering yourself and your community. After all, good managers make their properties welcoming and work to satisfy every tenant, current and prospective. Of course things can (and eventually always will) go wrong, but staying ahead of the game can mean disruptions will be kept to a minimum. Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management recommends the following tips to up your game as a property manager:

Get to Know Your Tenants

You see them day in and day out, but how many faces and names could you match up when asked about your residents? Even if you can say hello and greet folks by name, how much do you really know about them? Getting to know your tenants in an authentic way can pay dividends. For example, see these Yelp reviews for Cal Bay Property Management. Gustavo is mentioned by name several times, singled out for his resourcefulness and willingness to help. That same attitude can ensure your skills as a property manager are not only elevated, they're remembered and thought of fondly by tenants.

Make Safety a Priority

While it might seem like common sense to keep your tenants as safe as possible, property safety is glossed over far too often. No amount of fancy amenities will make up for not feeling safe in your own apartment, so do all you can to create as secure a community as possible. Invest in a gate system, an alarm system and security cameras if your budget will allow it. If your community is in an especially rough area, consider employing security guards to patrol for intruders.

Stay Connected

A good property manager is available during business hours. A great property manager is available around the clock. While it might be physically impossible for you to be on duty 24 hours a day, there are ways for you to stay connected to your tenants' needs. Work with your team to create shifts for emergency phone call management, or consider outsourcing the job to a call center.

No matter how you choose to best serve your tenants, the fact that you're considering the best ways to do so is a great sign. Always keep learning and growing, and your tenants will be lucky to have you.

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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