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Chip Kelly and San Francisco 49ers Face Challenging Schedule in 2016

With a focus on multifamily properties, Scott Safadi serves as founder and CEO of Cal Bay Property Management in Palo Alto, California. Away from his business pursuits, Scott Safadi follows the NFL, and he avidly supports the San Francisco 49ers.

In January 2016, the San Francisco 49ers announced the hiring of Chip Kelly as head coach, the 19th in franchise history. Kelly, who signed a four-year contract with the 49ers, previously held the head coach position in Philadelphia, where he called plays for three years after transferring from the collegiate level. As Coach Kelly adjusts to his new role in San Francisco, he will face the task of preparing for the toughest-ranked schedule in the league.

The NFL recently released the 2016 regular season schedule, and San Francisco will play the best teams in the league based on their 2015 performances. One key factor in the difficulty of the 49ers' schedule is the logistics of the division in which they compete, which translates into two games each against the Cardinals and the Seahawks, ranked second and fourth respectively in the National Football Conference in 2015.


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